Published 18/12/2018

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Sandeep Kumar


Founder and CEO

Business name:

The MiSmile Network



Can you tell us a little about The MiSmile Network?

The MiSmile Network helps practices increase their Invisalign case volume. We provide them with the tools, training and marketing experience to help them do just that.

What were your motivations for using DenGro?

We needed some way of seeing what every practice in the network was doing with the leads we sent them. Before DenGro, we would send treatment leads directly into the practice inbox, but very quickly realised that they were lost, or not followed up.

In order for us to prove success, we needed to be able to track that online to offline conversion journey, seeing what happened to a lead when it hit the practice. There was no other tool on the market that provided us with that granular level of detail and insight. More than that though, we could see how well the network was performing as a whole too, creating benchmarks for successful or struggling practices.

How did you manage your leads before using DenGro?

Initially we used a spreadsheet to track leads going to the practice and Infusionsoft to manage practice automations and communications. We realised very quickly that both weren’t going to scale well in the way we needed them to.

DenGro approached us at just the right time. Our processes were being challenged by volume and DenGro offered us the platform to use during their BETA phase of development. It was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down.

Has DenGro made an impact to the business?

Definitely. We now have a complete view of performance, not only across the group, but across every practice. We can not only see which marketing activities are creating the most leads, but more importantly, which marketing activities are creating the most treatment conversions.

DenGro improves our business, but also gives the practice and principal a complete and transparent view of performance. I think it’s fantastic.

What would you say to a practice who was thinking of using DenGro?

Don’t even think twice - just do it. The value DenGro provides is unbelievable. All the numbers that keep you or your practice manager up at night are there, ready to analyse, understand and help direct the success of the practice. It’s a true lightbulb moment.

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