Published 18/12/2018

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Erika Schoeman



Practice name:

Much Hadham Dental Care, Elegance Dental


Much Hadham and Puckeridge

Practice type:

NHS and Fully Private

Number of staff:


How long have you been using DenGro?

About 2.5 years now.

What were your motivations for using DenGro?

We were part of the original BETA test group in our first practice, but it’s such a part of practice life now that we wouldn’t start the second one without it!

How did you manage your leads before using DenGro?

We used a combination of a lead spreadsheet and a diary. Things have moved on quite a bit since then, though.

How has DenGro made practice life easier for you and the team?

The automated nurture messages sent out by DenGro on behalf of the practice are great - its saves the reception team so much time and makes a great first impression to new patients. As a principal, DenGro’s reports enable me to see where our leads are coming from so I can focus our marketing efforts accordingly.

Are you converting more leads with DenGro than you were previously?

Yes. Definitely.

What’s the most useful thing about DenGro?

It’s easy to use and the fact that I know we’re not losing any leads or potential revenue.

What would you say to a practice who was thinking of using DenGro?

It’s a must have for any practice. You won’t regret it, absolute 5 stars.

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