Using DenGro will give you more than just growth

Stay on track, keep converting.

DenGro’s unique task flow helps you and your team stay on top of tasks, follow up leads and keep momentum. Stay efficient and effective and keep converting.

Collect leads automatically into one dashboard

DenGro plugs directly into your digital marketing activity and practice website, automatically collecting and segmenting leads into one central dashboard for anyone in the practice to follow up. Facebook, Google, Instagram - we've got it covered.

Keep the treatment conversation flowing.

Simplify communication with your leads with automated email and text messages written specifically for the treatments you offer - a service unique to DenGro.

Invisalign? Whitening? Whatever.

Use DenGro to support and nurture leads with one, or all of the treatments you offer in practice. DenGro’s automated email and text nurture communications have been created specifically for the treatments you offer.

Comprehensive communication tracking.

DenGro centralises lead notes and provides a clear communication timeline, which means everyone in the practice has an up-to-date view of what's been said to leads and when.

An instant view of success.

DenGro’s reports give you an immediate view of the data that matters. Who’s performing well in practice? Who needs training? Which treatments are the most profitable? What’s the value of all those prospective patients right now? It’s all there, ready to review. Take a look at Reporting in more detail.

Collect and store your contacts, compliantly.

DenGro doesn't just collect leads for the practice, it can collect your general enquires and referrals too - keeping every type of contact with the practice in one easy-to-use central location. With recent GDPR legislation governing how you collect and store consumer data, DenGro has compliance covered.

Start converting more leads into patients today