Collect leads automatically

DenGro pulls leads from your website and marketing activity, so you don't have to search to find them - you'll never lose a lead again.

Front Of House Collects Leads

Organise leads automatically

Leads are pulled on to DenGro's unique task based dashboard, ready for the team to follow-up and convert.

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Know when you have a new lead, instantly

Real-time, new lead notifications tell you when a new lead has registered interest.

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Forget about remembering to follow-up

Smart follow-up reminders help you understand who needs contacting, when and how.

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Stay on track, keep converting

DenGro’s unique task flow helps the team stay on top of tasks, follow up leads and keep momentum. Stay efficient and effective and keep converting.

Front Of House To Do

Automated pre-written nurture messages

Save time in practice with DenGro's automated, prewritten email and SMS messages designed to nurture and convert your leads to treatment.

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A history of lead communication

Lead Timelines keep track of any practice notes or communications, available for anyone in the practice to use.

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Use for any treatment you like

Every practice is different, so we've designed DenGro to accommodate any treatment you offer. If you can't find a treatment, just request one.

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So easy to use

Built with the front-of-house team in mind, DenGro has been designed and built to be intuitive and easy to use, for everyone.

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Start converting more leads into patients today

Catch, nurture and convert leads to treatment the easy way.

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