Published 18/12/2018

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Shaz Memon



Agency name:

Digimax Dental



Specialise in:

Website design and digital lead generation

What challenges did you previously face as an agency when sending leads to practices?

Without a clear and easy way to track the leads we generate for practices, we're always unsure if the principal is seeing the 'true picture' in relation to leads and conversion. Often, clients will focus on the volume of leads that are generated for their practice each week or each month, without seeing the bigger picture of whether or not those enquiries actually convert to starting treatment.

With DenGro, the principal can see the full conversion journey - how many leads were generated, where did they come from, did they book a consultation, did they attend, and did they start treatment.

Before using DenGro, how would practices manage the leads you sent them?

Traditionally, the contact details of the leads we generate for each client would be sent to the practice team via email to contact and follow-up.

While we're confident in the initial page conversion of each lead we generate, understanding how those leads move through the rest of the conversion journey is essential to improving and tweaking the campaigns we run.

It's also important to know how the practice pick-up each of those leads and what their follow-up process is actually like, so we can help them to understand what's working for their lead conversion - and what's not.

How did you manage your leads before using DenGro?

The majority of our clients used Salesforce or Pipedrive to manage leads and track conversion. While both are great pieces of software in their own right, they're complicated to set-up and the experience for the user is often long and laborious. DenGro is easy to introduce into the daily practice routine and it's focus on dental-specific treatments and the dental conversion journey makes it easier for practice teams to understand.

How has DenGro changed the way you work?

DenGro allows us to be more confident about our deliverables. We can focus on generating good quality leads that work their way through the whole journey, not just the initial page conversion. We learn from DenGro what campaigns are working best and we also help our clients to understand what they should be doing in practice to increase conversion and turn more leads into patients.

What do you like most about DenGro?

Light user interface. Especially in this day and age, any tool introduced in to a business has to be intuitive and easy to use.

What would you say to any practice thinking of using DenGro?

Try it!

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