Published 18/12/2018

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Amy Cuckoo


Business Development & Marketing Manager

Practice name:

Aura Dental


St Johns Wood, London

Practice type:


Number of staff:


How long have you been using DenGro?

About 9 months.

What were your motivations for using DenGro?

After launching our PPC campaigns we found it very difficult to manage the lead journey without a CRM. DenGro was recommended to us by our PPC company and it was an easy decision to make, their platform did exactly what we wanted to do and was easy to use.

How did you manage your leads before using DenGro?

We were previously using Infusionsoft, but found this confusing and far too technical. DenGro is a clear winner.

How has DenGro made practice life easier for you and the team?

Both our Google and Facebook PPC campaigns feed directly into DenGro meaning that all our leads appear automatically in one place. This shows us exactly who has enquired and for what treatment and when.

From a marketing point of view this is vital, so we can understand which marketing channels are working and which aren’t. From a TCO perspective, it’s invaluable. It allows us to keep track of the lead, understanding their journey and reasons for treatment, so we can more easily follow up and convert them to an appointment and treatment.

Are you converting more leads with DenGro than you were previously?

Absolutely! Having all the leads in one place ensure that no lead goes astray and with the warming emails it ensures that the patient is expecting a call shortly and is not forgotten.

What’s the most useful thing about DenGro?

The storage and email warming of leads. Sometimes in a busy dental clinic you cannot call a lead instantly, DenGro ensures that the lead knows that you’ve received their enquiry and that you will be contacted shortly. It also reminds you that the calls need to be made via email/sms so never a reason to be missed.

DenGro as a business are also extremely eager to be the best that they can be. They are always happy to hear feedback on how the platform can be easier for you to use or any other functions that you might need. They take this feedback and roll with it. Brilliant company ethics.

What would you say to a practice who was thinking of using DenGro?

Do it! It’s an absolute no brainer. It’s simple, it’s affordable and it’s invaluable for any dental clinic.

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