No contract. No set up fee. No commitment. Just a rolling monthly subscription that’s convenient to you. And the first 14 days are on us.

This plan includes:

  • Collect leads automatically
  • Single dashboard for the practice
  • Smart tasks and reminders
  • Prewritten automated emails
  • Practice and media reporting
  • Lead and enquiry handling
  • Website integration
  • Truly plug ’n play
  • Any treatment you like

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Some FAQs

What is DenGro?


DenGro is an online tool which helps you simplify your lead management in practice and convert more leads to patients.

Do you have an overview video I can watch?


Why is DenGro different?


DenGro has been built in partnership with practices, designed specifically for the dental industry. There is no other CRM available today that reflects the treatments offered in practice.

What are leads and where do they come from?


Leads are potential patients, people interested in the dental treatments your practice provides.

Where leads come from, or their ‘source’, depends on the type of marketing activity you do. Facebook ads, local press advertising, Google PPC are all types of practice advertising and marketing that help drive potential patients (leads) to your practice. Typically, the amount of advertising you do has a direct correlation to the number of leads your practice will receive.

Start converting more leads into patients today

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