Published 10/05/2019

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Last April we really had something to smile about here at DenGro. As part of our continued work with The MiSmile Network, we were part of the annual MiSmile Network Conference and Raise a Smile Charity Gala in aid of Operation Smile. This is an event that brings together a dedicated network of dental practitioners to focus not only on practice growth, but on continued support for a wider cause. The conference gathers practices from across the UK to collaborate and learn from industry specialists in a day dedicated to driving their practice growth. Then the evening is dedicated to a cause that we all feel strongly about – Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is a not-for-profit organisation that helps to deliver life changing surgery to the lives of children born with cleft lips and palates in areas of the world where help and support is less accessible. It’s a cause that truly changes the lives of the children and their families – a lifetime of social isolation and abandonment can be avoided with a surgical procedure that takes less than a hour. This is what Operation Smile offer to as many people as they can. All of the money raised goes directly into this cause, to ensure that the surgery can be delivered, and that the children and their families also receive the necessary practical support, such as speech therapy and anaesthetics, and emotional support.

Every Invisalign case directly supports Operation Smile.

Supporting, sponsoring and helping to organise the event in 2018, the DenGro team were in attendance again at this year's conference, where the MiSmile Network focused on the topic of Leaders of Change. We had hands-on advice for practitioners, discussing the importance of the follow-up process, speedy responses to new enquiries, and how to connect their websites and other online marketing to DenGro.

DenGro is an integral part of The MiSmile Network, and has worked with the network since its inception in 2015. Our straightforward approach to CRM, which is specifically designed for dental practices, is a key component of the network strategy, meaning practices around the UK find it easy to collect, track and convert their Invisalign leads. For Operation Smile this means continuous donations, as within the network, every Invisalign treatment raises money for the cause. When any network member treats a patient using Invisalign, part of the cost of their treatment automatically goes to Operation Smile, and iover the past 4 years, The MiSmile Network has raised £52,207.

The MiSmile Network has raised £52,207.

The relationship between The MiSmile Network and Operation Smile is a young yet flourishing one. It’s a partnership that the network and DenGro are fully committed to. Both network members and Dr. Sandeep Kumar (founder of The MiSmile Network) have worked with the charity as volunteers on missions and the past three Raise a Smile Charity Galas have given the opportunity for members to celebrate the achievements of the Network, as well as to raise further funds and awareness. Last year's Gala raised over £12,000 in just one night and, from the many prizes up for grabs, the most coveted auction lot was the opportunity to accompany Operation Smile on a future mission.

DenGro – straightforward CRM for Invisalign treatments and much more…

DenGro is used within The Mismile Network to help collect, track and convert Invisalign leads, but any practice can make use of this simple lead management tool – designed specifically for dentists. Recent developments have brought a plethora of new features to DenGro, including a reporting system that is super simple to use – and pretty beautiful to look at, if we do say so ourselves.

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