Published 09/05/2019

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Portman Dental Care is an award-winning group of private dental practices, with more than 70 practices across the UK and growing exponentially. Providing an outstanding in-practice experience for patients, Portman is dedicated to looking after both patients and staff.

As a successful UK-wide group, time-sensitive leads and referrals are directed to individual practices from a number of different sources, such as website enquiries and marketing avenues like Facebook or Google. Without a firm system in place, it’s easy for leads to cool, or simply for someone to forget a call-back. DenGro is fast becoming the dentist’s favourite as a solution to just this kind of problem, and now Portman Dental Care has rolled out DenGro as its lead management tool for all of its practices.

Portman initially decided to use DenGro to help track, nurture and convert leads for their Clear Braces Group, but have since opted to use it across Portman practices nationwide, and for all of the treatments they offer.

Portman Dental Care is a business with a strong and established ethos: putting people first. This goes for Portman colleagues as well as patients, so something that had benefits for both practice staff and their patients was high on their list of priorities. What better than a lead management tool that frees up admin time, requires very little staff training, and keeps everyone organised?

By providing an easy-to-use lead management and referral system specifically for dentists, DenGro is supporting treatment conversion and growth for Portman practices, while making day-to-day life simpler for practice teams. Appointments are easier to manage, follow-ups are easier to track, lead nurturing is automatic, and patient conversion is improved.

Because DenGro is intuitive it’s easier to get a better understanding of your leads. Getting to know your prospective patients not only makes your practice stand out on a personal level, it also increases your chances of them taking up treatment with you. DenGro helps nurture initial relations, not only by keeping communication, open, visible and flowing with automated emails and SMS, but by making every lead’s journey efficient and clear for practice teams. Practice growth and conversion is inevitable when you have a tool to keep momentum.

DenGro not only makes organising day-to-day
lead management simple, it also allows practices to get a wider view of the conversion process. The reporting feature is an easy-to-understand and valuable tool and something that Portman Dental Care practices are already benefiting from.

“DenGro reports tell us where our marketing is performing best, not just for online conversions but for offline, in-practice conversions too. No other off-the-shelf tool provides that kind of transparency.”
Gemma Astill, Portman Dental Care

DenGro’s reporting feature is as straightforward as clicking a button, so practice principals can visualise and understand their data in an instant, without having to sift through spreadsheets and statistics.

When it comes to number crunching, it’s better when everything is clear and understandable. Admin users in DenGro can instantaneously see how many leads are in their conversion pipeline, no matter where they’ve come from. Facebook, Google, a walk-in or general enquiry – they’re all visible. Or not: practices can select a specific channel to assess how well a marketing campaign is doing, should they want to hone down the data.

While DenGro can help practices on many fronts, from managing patient information to understanding conversion rates, it’s designed to always be as easy to use as possible with no fancy jargon or complex processes.

It’s little wonder so many are making DenGro a part of practice life.

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