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The sales funnel

Get an instant picture of where every lead is in the conversion journey and take peace of mind knowing that you're not missing any revenue opportunities.

Paid marketing performance

What's performing, Facebook or Google? DenGro's marketing reports will tell you. How many leads, sources, conversion rates. It's all there, ready to view.

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Team performance

Practice performance reports can be accessed at the click of a button. Number of calls, time to contact, appointments booked, conversion rates and more.

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Pipeline value

DenGro's treatment values provide you with a revenue forecast over any given period, for all or any of the treatments you offer - great for financial planning.

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Conversion reports

Conversion reporting shows you how well the team is moving leads from call-to-appointment and appointment-to-treatment. If conversion rates are low, you can analyse and improve.

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Lead location

See where your leads are coming from geographically, enabling you to understand and exploit opportunity for future offline marketing.

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No contract or commitment

There's no minimum contract or commitment, no set-up fee and minimal training required - just a monthly subscription that's convenient to you.

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Start converting more leads into patients today

Catch, nurture and convert leads to treatment the easy way.

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