Published 12/07/2019

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Fierce competition in an industry where reviews rule, means ensuring a positive patient experience is critical. From the moment they pick up the phone or step through the door, expectations need to be met, worries eased and questions answered. Your patients are your practice. Their experience is paramount to your success.

A positive practice experience is a powerful marketing tool, and one of the best ways to convert leads into patients. Take a moment to reflect on your practice’s ‘personality’. How does your practice make people feel? Is there anything you can do to improve the experience for patients and staff?

Your soft skills

How does it feel when someone remembers your name, the last time you called and what you were enquiring about? It makes you feel valued. You feel heard, in a way that reassures you that your needs will be met in just such a comprehensive manner. This response has a huge impact on your emotional connection to that person, or in this case, that practice.

People oriented skills are what are commonly referred to as our ‘soft’ skills. These are characterised by your attitudes and intuitions, the way you communicate with others, your organisation and confidence, and your emotional intelligence. The way you and your staff interact with potential patients has a huge bearing on the overall success of your practice.

We can help

Create a positive practice by nurturing a ‘we can help’ attitude by listening well and offering quality information that is tailored to your lead’s queries and individual situation. Try not to ‘sell’ your treatments. Instead use your soft skills to understand a patient’s needs and offer a solution, or a few options. By feeling listened to and understood, you will create rapport with any new customers that can quickly influence their decision as to whether to take up treatment with your practice.

You can change their mood

It is common for people, of any age, to have fears or anxieties surrounding a trip to the dentist. A new patient may come to you with any number of concerns – this could be a dental phobia or mild anxiety, they may have low self confidence or be concerned about their appearance, or they may be in a lot of pain or discomfort. This is the point where you are best placed to change their mood, to make them feel looked after and reassured.

A safe space

Environment is important for mood. This perhaps makes it even more crucial to make sure your practice offers a warm, positive space. Your patients need to feel that they trust you, so they want to see a clean, clutter-free space and approachable knowledgeable staff who can make them feel at ease. Make sure your practice reception area reflects your brand – professional but inviting.

Practice positivity in five steps:
  1. First impressions count. We know the importance of a smile. It can say more than just words. It is a simple, soft way of communicating your openness and putting patients at ease.
  2. Keep front-of-house clutter free. Make sure your front of house matches the quality of your treatment and your brand.
  3. Be a good listener. Listen to the concerns and needs of your potential patients, and respond using your knowledge of treatments.
  4. Open about offers. Make sure that if your practice is running offers and treatments, that all of your staff are fully briefed and know exactly what’s involved. It’s important to communicate clearly and with confidence to every patient, and knowledgeable staff do this best.
  5. Be consistent and cohesive with your practice message. Keep it neat, on-brand and consistent. Email and reminders should be in-line with your practice tone and delivered in a timely fashion.

In summary

Your patients want to feel that you are with them every step of the way; that you know them, and understand their needs. A positive customer experience is not only important for those already booked in, but for future patients – current patients are your best advocates, recommending you to other prospects and championing your practice.

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