Published 03/05/2019

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There’s an easy solution to grow your practice, make your working day more efficient and keep everyone happy

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Everyone’s talking about the ‘cloud’ – even if you think you don’t know anything about it, you’ve probably used Google Drive, posted on Facebook or paid for something online. Little things like this mean the magical, endless cloud is already in your life. But is in your practice? Did you know that cloud technology is starting to revolutionise the way in which businesses, and now dental practices, are working?

Time-saving cloud technology allows you to work more flexibly without the hindrances that come from needing hardware and servers. After all, your focus is your patients. So, what if your practice had a system that worked with you, to enable you to be a better dental practice and encourage practice growth without you so much as lifting a finger?

Let’s take a look at just a few ways in which moving to the cloud could open up new horizons for you and your practice.

1. Reduce costs
You won’t need an IT-guy to run and maintain a smooth and user-friendly cloud PMS. There’s no lengthy set up, and once you’ve logged in to the system, it’s ready to go. Fundamentally cloud-software means you save on costly hardware, licensing fees, training and maintenance costs. Integrations are also far easier with the cloud, so your practice can quickly become more efficient, both at helping to attract new patients and streamlining your day-to-day tasks.

2. User friendly
Cloud systems are notoriously easy to use. They have been designed to be super simple, in order to appeal to everyone. So you don’t need to be tech savvy; your team won’t need special skills and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Even your nan should be able to use well-designed cloud software.

3. Easily accessible
There’s a reason it’s called the ‘cloud’ – there’s an element of liberty to it: a sense of freedom. How would you like to be kept in the loop, wherever you are, on any device, instead of being tied to your practice desktop? This is where cloud-based management systems really come into their own – they can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection, usually via an online portal login, and without any prior installation. Cloud-based systems can manage resources dynamically, so that practitioners, front-of-house, and even patients in some cases, can access relevant information from any location and any device. Ultimately, you have a system that adapts to your needs (not the other way around). You could be travelling, in-practice or at home, and still have access to all the resources you need to maintain the best possible clinical care.

4. Improved communication and collaboration
An inevitable result of improved system accessibility means that the ability to collaborate and communicate just gets easier. Suddenly your team have easy access to the same system on different devices, so it’s easy to update profiles, and log and retrieve information. Cloud sharing improves document control and keeps things neater. With all patients’ documents and notes stored centrally, the need for file attachments is redundant and everyone is working from the same information. It also opens up communication between practice and patients. Practitioners can can share information, treatment plans and relevant documents with patients using mobile devices, and the practice can utilise features such marketing automations, to keep in contact with patients with minimal impact on staff time and resources. How efficient is that?

5. Helps build a positive practice
When day-to-day tasks are integrated and easier, you’ll soon notice the positive effect this has on your whole team. Smoother systems and faster operations mean that the frequent sighs and toe tapping that accompany the usual utterance: "just waiting for this to load," will become a thing of the past. With shareable information across multiple devices, it’s easier for practice staff to get to the information they need faster, and to communicate relevant information to patients.

6. Scalable
Cloud-based software can alter as your practice grows. If you expect to expand to attract and cater for more patients, open more practices, employ more staff and process more treatments, cloud-based software can be a sound investment in your future developments. Often software packages are sold on a functionality basis, with the ability to upgrade easily to either meet your additional needs or perhaps offer you more avenues as you become more familiar and reliant on it. As the cloud uses remote servers, it is agile enough to scale up or down according to your needs. Many cloud systems also include integrated data capture to help you make informed decisions about practice performance.

7. Adaptable
The beauty of the cloud is just how adaptable it is. Gone are the days of awkward and lengthy system updates, as cloud software possesses powerful processes to keep it up to speed without you even noticing. Forget hundreds of different applications for different jobs, people and operations, and instead see ‘cloud integrations’ as a pathway to super simple patient management.

Integrations mean that the software can be tailored to cover a whole range of abilities that can all run seamlessly, not only from multiple devices, but from one easy-to-use interface. Everything from appointment booking and rescheduling to logging treatment plans, signing documents and paying can be streamlined into one system. It’s then easier to share technology with your patients, making them feel more comfortable and aware of the processes involved with their treatment plan. The very nature of the cloud, means that it is not only scalable but can be altered to fit your practice needs.

8. Enhanced security
There’s a lot of talk around the cloud and security. “Is it really safer than traditional systems?” you may ask. In fact the cloud is widely accepted as accepted as more secure secure. It possesses that seemingly magical ability to allow your systems to run much more efficiently, while being able to store information securely. For a start cloud data is monitored at all times, by dedicated people whose job is is to keep all companies’ mission-critical information secure and protected. There are also strict auditing practices in place, which means that problems are solved quickly – something which old-fashioned systems simply didn’t have. Add to that the reduced risk of losing work. We’ve all that cold, sinking feeling when you realise you’ve closed a document without saving it, losing it completely, or you’ve accidentally hit ‘delete’. Not something you get with auto-save capacities. The cloud is super secure and your data is equally not at the risk of a server crash or damaged software.

9. Improved service for your patients
You know that look; and you can feel the awkward foot shuffle and shifty glance at their watch as your computer creaks into slow-motion just when a patient wants to make a new appointment or find out more information. One of the key benefits of cloud-enabled software is that it is super fast. With real-time access to data and syncing that takes seconds, cloud-enabled software will make your patients’ practice experience smoother.

In summary
If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already looking to make the move to a cloud-based software. It’s an important decision and one that has the potential to change the way you work.

The cloud is fast becoming the new normal, and many are realising the powerful potential of making the change to a cloud-based management system. By harnessing the best technology you can lessen your practice workload, improve your visibility and move into the future of PMS. Cloud is in it for the long run, proving to be cost-effective and already helping practices become more efficient.

DenGro – a cloud-based lead management tool
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