Published 13/02/2019

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What is Dentally?

Dentally is the UK’s leading cloud-based dental practice management software. It’s easy to use and has been designed in collaboration with dentists - creating a hassle-free experience that allows you to work from anywhere.

A streamlined and refined clinical workflow, exceptional patient experience and lightning-fast reporting are just some of the benefits of Dentally’s cloud-based practice management software.

What is DenGro?

DenGro helps practices catch, nurture and convert more leads to treatment. It provides front-of-house staff with a simple set of tools to nurture and convert leads, and principals and managers with a transparent view of marketing and practice performance. Everything a practice needs to manage and influence growth.

Smart follow-up reminders, automated messaging, a central dashboard for managing all leads as well as a set of simple, but insightful reports are just some of the benefits of DenGro’s cloud-based lead management and nurture software.

The benefits that integration provides

Integrating cloud-based software platforms saves a practice valuable time. There’s no need to add data manually to each system when required - it will automatically share any relevant information across both platforms, creating a seamless, time-saving experience. Specifically for Dentally and DenGro, time is saved in a number of ways:

Completely cloud-based

No data storage woes. No updates to install. No ‘can’t access it from home’. With everything being cloud-based, it’s always-on, accessible from anywhere. Easy.

Seamless Lead to Patient journey

No downloading data. No manual inputting of information. Any updates in DenGro are synchronised in Dentally and vice versa. A joined-up system that is seamless and stress free.

Understand marketing performance

With a view of which leads come from which marketing activity across which treatments, you can better understand where you should be investing in marketing.

Do more in less time

We know that practices are busy places. A synchronised system creates efficiency, allowing you to spend time on other tasks.

Grow your Practice

Ultimately support the growth of your practice with a lead management system designed to support the conversion of leads, complementing the benefits of your cloud-based PMS.

Nick Davies, Dentally CEO says:

‘We’re excited to see Dentally and DenGro integrated. Our customers have been asking for a lead management tool for some time, so we can’t wait to let them experience the power of both tools combined’.

Cam Brewer, Co-founder of DenGro says:

‘Focussing our development on integrations is a natural next step for us. Dentally share our aspirations for making practice life simpler through online technology, so we’re proud that they’ve become our first official integration partner.’

For practices that don’t currently use online systems, DenGro and Dentally make the perfect integrated, online new Lead to new Patient solution.

Looking to simplify lead management and increase patient conversion in your practice? DenGro is helping hundreds of practices understand and influence growth. Join us.

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