Published 16/01/2020

Read time: 4 minutes

How do I login?

To login to DenGro, please visit this page:

I've forgotten my password!

Life is filled with passwords now days and remembering each of them can be difficult! If you do forget your DenGro password you can request a new one from the DenGro login screen by clicking Forgot Your Password or you can click on this link:

When you request a new password, you'll receive an email from DenGro to the email address that you use to login to DenGro. Click on the link in this email to create a new password and login.

I don't have a password to login to DenGro with, how can I access the account?

To access your business's DenGro account, you'll need to be invited as a user by a Manager of the account.

When you're invited as a user, you'll receive an email from DenGro to the email address that you've been invited with. Click on the link in this email and you'll be taken to a DenGro page where you can set your password and access the account.

How many users can I have?

You can have as many users on your DenGro account as you like, each user will just need their own email address to login with.

How do I invite a new user?

To invite a new user to your DenGro account, you need to have Manager level access to the account. If you have this permission level, you'll see a cog symbol at the top right of your DenGro screen when logged in - this is the Practice Settings area of the account.

Simply go to Practice Settings and select Practice Users from the menu. When the page refreshes, click on the +Add Practice Users button and follow the prompts from DenGro to enter the required information.

Please note, the mobile number is not a required field.

What do the different permission levels mean?

There are 5 different permission levels available in DenGro which grant access to different areas of DenGro depending on each user's requirements. You can select each relevant role when adding a new user. You can also choose to update an existing user's role at any time, from the Practice Users page.

a. Manager - Manage all account data and perform any action including user management. This user will have access to all contacts' data in the account.

b. User - Manage account contacts (leads, referrals, enquiries) and dashboard tasks. This user will have access to all contacts' data in the account.

c. Analyst - Manage account reports, manipulate data within reports.

d. Integrator - Manage account integrations.

e. Practitioner - This user is a practitioner and will be able to receive appointments.

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