Published 14/10/2019

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Great marketing is all about joined-up thinking. You need to understand how each activity relates to the next. And how, collectively, those activities support the practice’s business goals. If you can do that, you’re already on the path to success.

Successful practices make use of some form of lead tracking technology. Mostly, they’ll add a Facebook tracking pixel, a Google Analytics code snippet or add UTM codes to specific campaign ads and landing pages. These snippets of code help Google Analytics track the journey that leads take from advert to first consultation. Most practices focus on clicks, but what happens when a lead spots your campaign and then picks up the phone?

The phone is often the biggest source of business for practices, but it’s also one of the hardest to track. User journey data usually breaks at this point ...but it doesn’t have to.

How can you track a call?

A range of companies offer call tracking services. These include:

These services all work the same way. They generate phone numbers that sit on top of the main practice number.

Based on where the call tracking number is used (and a piece of code inserted into the code of the landing page/website), the software harvests relevant information about the advert or landing page which prompted the lead to call.

Call tracking integration with DenGro

We’re about to release a call tracking integration. That means any practice using call tracking can pull data straight into DenGro. This will benefit your practice in two ways:

Reporting. Lead attribution data for all tracked calls will appear in your DenGro reports

Auto-populating profiles. Any available lead data will be harvested and used to auto-populate a lead profile, with prompts to add the new profile to DenGro

The reporting function gives you a fuller picture of how effective your marketing activities are. Auto-population keeps your administrative staff organised. It also helps them stay focused on capturing lead data, no matter which medium they use to get in contact.

Understanding call tracking in context

We can’t suggest whether tracking calls is more or less important than tracking clicks in your practice: each practice is different. But whether you receive 20 calls a day or 2,000, call tracking fills in vital gaps in your lead tracking data and makes adding lead profiles easier for your Front-of-House team.

By the time you set up call tracking with one of the services above, DenGro’s new call tracking integration could already be live. Keep an eye out for updates and then start reaping the rewards of a lead tracking that’s a little more joined-up.

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