What is DenGro?


DenGro is an online solution which simplifies lead management, helping everyone in the practice track, nurture and convert more leads into patients.

DenGro has been built in partnership with practices, designed for the dental industry.

Its features and functions have been designed specifically to help front of house teams nurture and convert leads, while providing managers and principals with the information (e.g. lead attribution) they need to understand and influence practice growth.

No other 'out of the box' platform offers this functionality.

Do you have an overview video I can watch?


What are leads and where do they come from?


Leads are potential patients, people interested in the dental treatments your practice provides.

Where leads come from, or their ‘source’, depends on the type of marketing activity you do. Facebook ads, local press advertising, Google PPC are all types of practice advertising and marketing that help drive potential patients (leads) to your practice. Typically, the amount of advertising you do has a direct correlation to the number of leads your practice will receive.

Please note that we work with a number of partners with expertise in digital marketing, marketing strategy, lead generation and more besides, for more information please visit our affiliates pages.

Will DenGro generate leads for the practice?


No. DenGro does not generate leads for the practice. We are here to help nurture and convert the leads generated by your marketing activities.

DenGro collects leads from your website, Facebook, Google and any other online activity, in to one central online dashboard. It makes managing leads much simpler and provides the practice with unique tools to help convert them.

How can I ensure leads from my website and ongoing marketing feed into DenGro?


Once your licence is activated you will be ready to connect up any forms on your website or landing pages to your dashboard. Form connections, are typically done by whoever looks after your website. There are several ways this can be done, dependant on how your forms are built and we are happy to supply the relevant documentation so they have all that they need.

If you don't have any forms on your website or don't want to use the ones you currently have we have our own Formbuilder so you can build your own and then embed them into your website.

Can I add our own leads to DenGro manually?


Yes, you can!

Leads that have, for example, called or walked into the practice can be added manually to DenGro. This can also be used for leads that come via chatbots, direct messages on social media or direct mail.

Apart from my monthly subscription are there set up fees for using DenGro?


There are no fees to get your practice up and running.

What are the costs for the emails and SMS messages you send on behalf of the practice?


DenGro doesn't charge additionally for the SMS and emails that we send on behalf of the practice. This is all included as part of your monthly subscription.

Am I tied in with a contract?


DenGro is a paid for monthly subscription so no contracts involved. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your My Account area and your subscription will end at the end of the current billing period.

Do you integrate with my PMS?


There are many different patient management systems available today. Integration with these systems is a priority for us as we understand the benefits to the practice. At present, we have the following integrations:

If you have a specific PMS you would like to integrate with, please let us know so we can consider this as part of of future roll outs.

Do you integrate with my social media accounts?


We currently integrate with Facebook and Instagram if you are using lead ad forms to capture leads.

More details on the integrations are here


Leads from other social media channels can be added in manually and you can add custom attribution so you can keep track of how many each channel is generating.

How many users can my account have?


As many as you like!

We would recommend you use individual team member accounts rather than ‘Reception’ or something more generic. Creating individual accounts will provide more detailed reporting information for the practice.

What training/support is available to users?


DenGro has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. When you log in to DenGro for the first time, you’ll see a video which outlines every aspect of the tool and interface.

On entering the dashboard, a series of tasks will help you complete any missing information and support you to get up and running.

We'll also be in touch with you when you sign up too, to see if you have any specific questions and book in a training webinar for your team to attend at a time that suits you best. All users are also invited to join our Facebook User Group so you can benefit from the experience and expertise of the entire DenGro community.

If you need to, you can ask us a question using the Practice Support Chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen at any time.

Do you include reporting so I can understand how my practice is getting on?


Yes, DenGro offers a real time reporting dashboard.

DenGro reporting allows you to view:

- Practice Summary: overview of key lead management and conversion metrics.
- Lead Generation: volume and marketing source.
- Lead Conversion: how effective you are at every stage of the conversion process.
- Team Effectiveness: time to first contact, calls, appointments and more.
- Catchment Area: lead and conversion geographical location.
- Affiliate: track the channel and source of all of your leads.

What are DenGro 'automations’?


DenGro automations are email and SMS messages that are sent from DenGro to leads on behalf of your practice. They are specifically crafted to reflect each of the treatments you offer, helping you to nurture and convert more leads - saving the practice time and effort.

Automations are sent to leads in an optimised conversion sequence that has been developed by DenGro. You can see this sequence within each 'Treatment'.

Do I need to set anything up with DenGro automations?


No. DenGro automations have been specifically crafted to save the practice time in nurturing prospects through to treatment conversion. Your practice logo and some specific practice information (opening times, logo, etc) are added to each communication automatically.

Can I customise the automations to reflect my practice's tone of voice?


DenGro's automations have been crafted to produce the most efficient conversion journey.

For practices who wish to create or control their own messaging or messaging sequence, this is available as a feature part of our Pro Plan. You can find out more about our Editable Automations here.

Our patient management software also sends automations. Can we turn DenGro automations on and off if we need to?


Yes. DenGro has been built to allow you to send automations in a specific, optimised sequence. You can however, choose to turn individual communications on or off if there’s crossover with your existing patient software.

What does ‘Status’ mean?


Status is a term used to describe the point at which the lead is in the treatment journey. For example, if someone has just registered their interest, their status would be ‘New’. If they had booked a consultation, their status would be ‘Consultation Booked’. Status describes conversion milestones within a treatment journey.

What’s a ‘Treatment Journey’?


A treatment journey describes the conversion journey for a particular treatment you offer.

For example, a lead on the Invisalign treatment journey within DenGro is interested in Invisalign treatment and would receive automations relative to Invisalign treatment.

How many treatments can I plug into DenGro?


You can plug all the treatments you offer in practice into DenGro. If you can't see the treatment you need, just ask us to add it to your account. We have over 160 treatments now and counting!

Can I reassign leads from one practice to another?


Yes, as long as the practices sit within the same 'Group' account within DenGro. More information is available here: https://www.dengro.com/en-GB/r...

What about referrals I get from other dentists? Can they feed into DenGro too?


Yes! As DenGro is a dental specific solution you can also feed any dentist referrals into your dashboard so your team to review so they can be accepted or declined. We even have prewritten emails that will be sent to the referring dentist to let them know the outcome of the referral.

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