Published 16/06/2020

Read time: 5 minutes

Is there an integration with SOE's EXACT?

Yes, we've got DenGro to talk to EXACT.

What does the integration do?

The first release of the integration allows users to create a new patient in EXACT from a DenGro lead task, link a DenGro lead to an existing patient in EXACT and Sync the lead details in DenGro with the patient record in EXACT.

How do I enable the integration?

To connect your DenGro account to your EXACT account, you'll need either Manager or Integrator access to DenGro.

1. Go to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right of the screen) and select Practice Integrations

2. When the page refreshes, scroll down to the EXACT pod and click to open more information.

3. Next, click on Request Integration.

This will send a notification to the DenGro Practice Support Team who will enable the integration and let you know when the integration is LIVE and ready to use.

How do I create a new patient in EXACT from a DenGro task?

To create a new patient profile in EXACT from a DenGro lead task, you'll need to make sure you've enabled the EXACT integration on your DenGro account.

From there, simply follow the prompts in the DenGro task for the lead, to create a new patient in EXACT using the information captured in DenGro.

You may be asked to confirm some additional details about the lead before their record can be created in EXACT.

How do I link a DenGro lead to an existing patient in EXACT?

Through the DenGro task flow, you can also choose to link a lead to an existing patient profile in EXACT. Again, you can do this by answering the questions and prompts from DenGro.

Can I link a DenGro lead to an EXACT Patient outside of a task?

Yes! You can link a lead to an existing EXACT patient profile at any time, from the Lead Profile Page in DenGro.

Simply search for the lead in DenGro using their name, email address, or phone number and click to go through to their profile page.

From there, click on the Link Lead to Patient at the top right of the page.

How do I sync a DenGro lead with a patient in EXACT?

Once a DenGro lead has been linked with a patient record in EXACT, you can choose to sync the two profiles and update either system with any changes to the lead's personal information.

For example, if you change the lead's mobile number in DenGro, you'll need to click the Sync Lead button on the lead's Profile Page in DenGro to update the lead's record in EXACT.

What's next on the integration roadmap?

In Phase 2 we'll be looking at expanding the integration to allow appointment creation and two-way syncing. In Phase 3 we'll look at enabling the sharing of financial data between the two systems.

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