Published 19/08/2020

Read time: 5 minutes

How do I edit the message sequences sent by DenGro?

To edit the messages, you'll need to upgrade your account by moving on to the Pro payment plan. The customer - or owner of the account - can upgrade the account when logged in to DenGro, under the My Account menu.

Simply select Subscriptions & Licences from the menu options and then click to View Licences and Details on the relevant, active subscription. You'll then see the option to Change Plan for each licence registered on that subscription.

Can anyone in the practice edit the messages?

No. All users can view the messages and journey sent from DenGro when they’re logged in to the account. However, only users with Editor or Manager permissions can amend or change the messages that are sent.

Find out how to add a new user or change user permissions, here.

So, where do I start?

First, you'll need to copy an existing sequence. DenGro has a series of Default messaging sequences available for all practices to send to their leads. These Default sequences can be copied and used as a template to create your own sequence of messages.

To view, edit or create your own message, go to the Practice Messages page (under the Settings Cog at the top right of the Today page). From here, click on the Create New Messaging Sequence button and follow the prompts to select which existing sequence you'd like to copy.

Finally, you'll be asked to name your new sequence - make sure to pick a unique name that hasn't been used before.

Practice Messages - Create a New Sequence

I've copied and created my new sequence - now what?

Now it's time to get creative! Click on the ellipses menu (the 3 horizontal dots) to the right of the new sequence you've just created and choose to Edit the sequence. Then, from the sequence details page, view each of the messages (email and SMS) in the sequence, editing the various aspects of each one:

Can I copy one email instead of a whole sequence?

At the moment, this is not possible. We are looking at adding this capability as soon as possible. In the meantime, DenGro's Email Editor will help you make fast work of that new email creation.

What happens if I ever choose to downgrade back to the Growth Plan?

In the future, if you ever choose to downgrade your licence then your access to the message editor will be removed and the sequences sent to your leads will revert to the default sequences managed by DenGro.

Your customised sequences won't be deleted, but they won't be available to use unless you remain on the Growth Plan. Find out more about your subscription.

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