Published 24/04/2020

Read time: 7 minutes

How do I create my first DenGro subscription?

Great to hear you're ready to get started with DenGro. To create your first subscription, just click on the Get Started button at the top of the DenGro website -

You'll first be asked to create your Customer login, then you'll be able to +Add a Subscription before assigning a Licence for your first practice account.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, once you've created your subscription you can then choose to cancel the subscription at the end of your current billing period.

You can set the Subscription to cancel when logged in as the Customer of the subscription. Simply go to the My Account menu at the top right of your DenGro screen, and select Subscriptions and Licences. When the page loads, click on the ACTIVE Subscription that you'd like to cancel - then click on the Cancel Subscription button. Your cancellation date will be confirmed before the Subscription is set to cancel.

I set my subscription to cancel, but I've changed my mind!

Great! You can stop the Subscription from cancelling at any point before the cancellation date. Simply go to the relevant Subscription in your My Account area, and choose to Revoke Cancellation. You'll continue to have access to your account and your payments will continue as usual at the end of that billing period.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your Subscription will be set to renew, automatically, at the end of each month's billing period. The payment card on the account will be automatically charged on a monthly basis until the Customer chooses to cancel the Subscription.

My recent subscription payment failed and my account was suspended!

Don't panic - you can create a new subscription and reactivate your account by going to the My Account menu.

Every month, DenGro will make 3 attempts, over 3 days, to take your subscription payment. If all 3 attempts fail, then your account will be suspended. The registered Customer will receive an email notification for each failed payment as well as notification of when the subscription is suspended.

Why do I need to assign a Licence?

DenGro charges based on the number of Licences you have on your subscription. You can have multiple Licences on your DenGro subscription, with each Licence granting a different practice/location access to a DenGro account.

When you create your new subscription, you'll automatically be issued a Licence - you can then choose to assign that Licence to yourself to complete the set-up, or assign it to someone else to manage.

Who should I assign the Licence to?

When assigning a Licence, you have the ability to assign it to yourself or to somebody else.

If you would like to access the account and manage the set-up of that practice account, then assign the Licence to yourself and follow the prompts to complete the set-up.

If you would like to assign the Licence to a colleague or client to complete the set-up and manage the account moving forward, then choose to Assign to Somebody Else.

When you assign the practice to somebody else, you'll be asked to enter their name, email address, and name of the practice or business. The assignee will then receive an email from DenGro notifying them that they've been assigned a Licence and encouraging them to activate the Licence to complete the account set-up.

Can I revoke or cancel a Licence?

Yes, you can choose to revoke a Licence from an assignee at any point. Once revoked, the access to the account will be suspended immediately.

When the account is suspended users will no longer be able to access the account and any leads submitted via connected webforms will be lost.

The assignee will receive a notification from DenGro, but we recommend contacting the assignee directly to make sure they're aware of when and why you're revoking the Licence.

Once you've revoked the Licence, you can choose to either re-assign it to another practice or cancel the Licence entirely. Your billing and payments for that period will be updated accordingly.

I'm the customer and I have an active subscription with a licence, but I can't access the practice account!

This probably means that you're the Customer and assigned the Licence to somebody else to manage.

In order to access an account for a Licence assigned to somebody else, that person will need to invite you as a user on the account.

Where do I add my billing details?

The Customer can add or change the card details registered on your account, at any time, from the My Account menu at the top right of the screen - just select My Billing and Payments from the menu options.

Where can I find my old DenGro invoices?

You can view all of your previous invoices when logged in to DenGro as the Customer, by going to the My Account menu and selecting My Billing & Payments.

Here, you'll see all of your previous invoices, as well as your next, upcoming, invoice. You can choose to download previous invoices if you need to.

Can the DenGro invoices be sent to my accounts department as well?

Yes, if there's someone else in your business who should receive the monthly DenGro invoices, you can add them to the invoice emails DenGro sends out each month.

Register their address on the account by going to My Account, selecting My Billings & Payments and then clicking on +Add Email Address.

I'm on a legacy plan and can't make any changes to my subscription.

The DenGro legacy plans are no longer available. Any changes to the subscription, such as adding a new Licence or updating the features accessible through the Plan need to be discussed. Please contact and we'll be happy to help you.

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