Published 20/01/2020

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What is call tracking?

Great question - check out our Gro-Tip article on How call tracking can help your practice grow to find out more.

I have a call tracking number, can I integrate it with DenGro?

Yes! DenGro can integrate with 3 call tracking partners:

- Mediahawk

- ResponseTap

- Call Tracking Metrics

I don't work with any of those partners, what can I do?

If you work with a different call tracking partner that you'd like DenGro to integrate with, just let us know. We'll check the details and see if there's any way for us to integrate.

How do I enable the call tracking integration?

To get the ball rolling, you'll need to Request the Integration from the Practice Integrations page. To do this, you'll need to be a Manager or Integratoruser on the account.

Simply go to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right) and select Practice Integrations. When the page refreshes, scroll down to the Call Tracking Integrations and select the partner you work with. On the partner pod, select Request Integration.

DenGro Practice Support will receive a notification of the request, following which they'll contact the partner to get the integration set-up and will confirm once it's all ready to go.

What happens when the integration is enabled?

Once the integration has been enabled, for each new call that comes through the tracking number, a New Call task will appear on the practice’s Today page.

The task will confirm the number that the lead called from, which number they called, and will suggest where a number is already recognised as associated with an existing lead.

The task will ask users to confirm what they would like to do with that call record:
- Create a new lead
- Link record to an existing lead
- Ignore the call

If the user chooses to create a new lead, they’ll be asked to confirm the lead details as they would normally, when adding a lead in to DenGro:
- First name
- Last name
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Email address
- Main treatment of interest

Once the task has been completed, DenGro will add the lead in to account and create a New Lead task for the practice to confirm the next steps:
- Record appointment booking details
- Set-up reminder task to follow-up with a lead again at a later date/time
- Mark the lead as no longer interested in treatment, with feedback reason.

If a new lead has been created from a call task or a call has been linked to an existing lead, any available recordings from that communication will be added to the lead’s profile in DenGro.
Please note, it can take up to 1 hour for the recording to be processed and made available.

**Currently, there are no in-app Reports available for call tracking statistics. This is scheduled for a secondary release, based on feedback from the initial trial period.

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