Published 20/01/2020

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Keen to work with DenGro as a licence distributor or referrer? Check out the details of how you can work with DenGro and join our amazing list of partners and affiliates.

If you've got questions or are ready to get started then just contact DenGro and we'll get the ball rolling!

1. License distribution

You can join us as an official partner and distribute DenGro licenses to your relevant clients. You could include DenGro as part of a package offer to your clients or charge the cost of DenGro directly to those clients.

You would then be invoiced directly by DenGro on a monthly basis for the number of licenses you’ve assigned to your clients.

You would receive a discount on the number of licenses you’ve assigned. This discount increases with the number of licenses you have. Please contact DenGro for details.

2. Pass on the discount

If you would rather just recommend DenGro to your relevant practices for them to create and pay for their own subscriptions, we would offer a discount for them to benefit from - 15% discount on the standard subscription cost of £149 per month.

We would provide a coupon code for them to use when creating their account, which would apply the 15% discount automatically.

Affiliates page

All partners and affiliates that we work with get a listing on our website which we direct users to if they ask for recommendations on service providers.

We also run a Facebook User Group where we leads discussions on lead management, generation, and conversion which we encourage our affiliates/partners to engage with and also publish regular articles in collaboration with partners to promote their expertise.

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