Published 17/03/2020

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Automated what?

Responding to your leads and nurturing them in to treatment with the help of emails and SMS should be key part of your marketing and lead management strategy, but we know that creating the content, designing fancy emails, and setting up text message deployment services can be headache - so, we've done it for you!

DenGro has a number of pre-written and designed messaging sequences that can be sent out to your leads, automatically, to help support the work of your front of house in calling and following up with leads. The messages have all been tested and are monitored to keep an eye on their effectiveness, so you don't even need to lift a pencil.

The messages vary depending on what treatment the lead has enquired about and where they are in their decision-making journey.

Where can I read these messages?

Any Manager level user on the account can read through the different messages that DenGro sends by going to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right of the DenGro screen) and selecting Practice Treatments. Here, you'll see all of the different treatments available in DenGro, listed out in a tiered approach. Click on the downwards arrow to the right of each treatment pod to open the next level of treatments.

Click on the VIEW button next to each treatment to see the messages sent at each status point in the journey.

Can I edit these messages?

Not at the moment. We've put a lot of work in to crafting messages that find the right balance between overloading the lead with information and not engaging them and we're proud of our open rates. As such, the messages available in DenGro are pre-set and can't the copy/text within the messages can't be edited or changed.

However, you can personalise the messages to your practice so that they're branded to you and your business.

So how do I personalise them?

The emails and SMS can be personalised by keeping your Practice Details page up to date with the practice contact information, location details, social media links, opening hours, and a custom practice signature. You can also upload your practice logo for display in the email and add a notification banner to the top of the emails for alerts and announcements.

Any Manager level user on the account can update the Practice Details page. Simply go to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right of the DenGro screen) and select Practice Details. Here, you can set your practice information and any settings that you'd like to apply across the practice account.

DenGro Practice Details Page

What size should my logo be?

Ideally, your logo should be 246px wide and 146px high. If you're having any issues resizing or uploading your logo, though, just get in touch with DenGro Practice Support.

Upload your practice logo to DenGro

I don't have a twitter account...

No problem. If you don't have a certain social media account, you can leave the fields blank and nothing will be displayed in the emails.

Add your social media links to DenGro automated emails

This notification banner looks new!

It sure is! To help practices improve the way they communicate alerts or service announcements to their leads, we've recently released a feature to customise and display a banner at the top of each of the DenGro emails. You can switch the banner ON or OFF and customise what the banner says - keeping in mind that there's a limit of 30 words.

If you'd like to link out to another webpage with more information, you can add a URL which will displayed as a button on the banner for the lead to click on.

Add a notification banner to your DenGro emails

Can I switch off the messages?

Yes, if you decide you don't want to send some of the DenGro messages, you can choose to switch them off at certain status points - you can either do this as a global practice setting or on a lead-by-lead basis.

On the Practice Details page you set a global practice setting and switch off the messages due to be sent at each status point - simply toggle status point OFF using the toggle buttons available.

Switch DenGro's automated messages off on across each status in the journey

If you'd like to switch off each individual message within a sequence, on a lead-by-lead basis, then you can make this decision when either adding a lead in to DenGro manually, or changing their status through a DenGro task.

Switch off DenGro's automated messages on a lead by lead basis

What about GDPR?

Definitely everyone's favourite topic. You can read all about DenGro's role as a processor of your practice's data here. The most important thing to remember, is that you're in control of your data and can, therefore, control the messages that DenGro sends out. On the Practice Details page, you can record your practice's decision about GDPR and consent to be contacted.

If you record that you require Legitimate Interest to contact a lead, then DenGro will continue to send the SMS and emails to leads, no matter whether consent has been captured through an online form.

If you record that you require Consent, then DenGro will only send the email and SMS messages to leads if for whom you have captured explicit consent to contact.

How do I save my new settings

Simply click the SAVE at the bottom of the Practice Details page to update your preferences and set it live.

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