Published 09/09/2019

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Upping your caseload is hard work. Inevitably, at some point, your practice staff have to pick up the phone and make calls to new patient leads.

...And talking to leads on the phone is often riddled with challenges.

But those calls are key to growing your practice and they aren’t going away. So what can you do to make the process more effective?

In this article, we've collected tips for managing that all-important first call. We also explain how to use these tips in tandem with DenGro to improve your conversion rates.

4 questions you should always ask leads

Consistency is another key to converting patient leads. It also helps the staff member making the call. Above all other questions, here are the four questions you should always ask leads…

1. What's your main concern about your smile?

A question worth its weight in gold. This helps leads open up about their relationship with their smile. For example, a conversation about straightening could unearth deeper concerns about a gappy smile. Practice staff should take opportunities to outline all the treatments on offer and provide advice on the best treatment for each lead.

2. Do you have a timeframe in mind?

Is a wedding on the horizon? Or a graduation they want to look their best for? You can speed up relationship-building by discussing personal life events and understanding their expectations for treatment.

3. Have you had previous work done?

If a lead needs Invisalign now, it's useful to know if they wore braces as a teenager. It can help you understand their history - and what impacted on the success of their treatment the first time round. Surfacing these details makes all the difference to your conversation.

4. When did you last visit the dentist?

If a decade has elapsed since they last set foot in a dental practice, they may need basic dental care prior to starting any big ticket treatments. You'll need to address these issues ahead of time, so unearthing them at this stage is invaluable for preparing the lead - and the team - for that first consultation.

You might be wondering how these questions improve your conversion rates. On the surface, they don't seem like killer sales questions. In truth, they might not close the deal on the spot. But what they do is more important than a cheap sales trick: they get to the heart of what's important to the lead.

Record and share their answers

DenGro gives you the ability to record the lead's answers to these questions and share them with other members of the team. Make a note of your conversation with the lead and it'll appear on their Profile Page in DenGro. The TCO, PM, Dentist or Nurse can then review these notes prior to meeting the lead at the consultation, ensuring a uniformity of service - and avoiding any unwanted surprises!

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